Hi, I'm Adam.

I live, work and play in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife, Kristi, and my Mexican street dog, Gaby.

By day I'm a partner at North Ridge Wealth Advisors where I help people create prosperity with purpose. Folks often assume fulfillment comes with amassing means, but it's really amassing meaningful experiences. Are your means and meaning aligned? If not, let's talk.

By night and weekend I'm a photographer specializing in apex predators. You know, the ones with big teeth and sharp claws. There's nothing more exciting than being face to face with a 1,000 pound brown bear in the backcountry of Alaska...and living to tell about it. I guess that's where the "Grizzly Adam" moniker came from :-)

Among the things I enjoy most are travel, backpacking, kayaking, and volunteering abroad. In my downtime, I also enjoy modern-era military movies and I'm a big fan of Scandinavian indie folk artists like Ane Brun, Linnea Olsson, Rebekka Karijord, and Agnes Obel

If you happen to be the stalking type, you just might catch a rare glimpse (as in unicorn rarity) of me on Facebook or Instagram. Yeah, I'm a social media snob.

However you know me, or however you found me...thanks for stopping by.