Hi, I'm Adam.

I live, work and play in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife, Kristi, and my Mexican and Iranian street dogs, Gaby and Luke.

I’m an outdoor adventure and wildlife photographer specializing in apex predators. For more than a decade, Alaska’s giant coastal brown bears have been my primary subject matter. In the summer, I lead guided photography expeditions into the backcountry of Alaska in search of these magnificent 1,000 pound grizzlies. I guess that’s why people call me "Grizzly Adam" :-)

The rest of the year I lead guided financial expeditions as a Partner and Financial Planner at North Ridge Wealth Advisors. Most busy professionals would rather spend their time on something other than managing their wealth, so I help them pay for college, gain financial independence, retire early, and travel the world. If that sounds like a life you’d like, let’s talk.

Among the things I enjoy most are travel, backpacking, kayaking, and volunteering abroad. In my downtime, I also enjoy modern-era military movies and I'm a big fan of Scandinavian indie folk artists like Ane Brun, Linnea Olsson, Rebekka Karijord, and Agnes Obel

If you happen to be the stalking type, you might want to follow me over on Instagram (@adamcornwell).

However you know me, or however you found me...thanks for stopping by.